Lactation Consultant Service

Lactation Consultant Service

Breastfeeding is a continuation of the pregnancy, providing mother’s warmth, nutrients and antibodies to the infant. Because of the unique components, breast milk reduces the risk of allergic reactions, which could not be imitated by any brands of milk powder. Breastfeeding offers great benefits for both infant and mother; other than enhancing relationship, it also accelerates the mother’s postpartum recovery. However, new mothers may experience difficulties in the process, such as insufficient milk, breast pain while feeding etc. To ensure the health of both infant and mother, before staring breastfeeding, it is recommended to consult the professionals, understand and learn the proper techniques.

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is a professional in breastfeeding, which is the only internationally recognized medical qualification in the field. IBCLC provides support for breastfeeding mothers including:

  • Advice and education on antenatal breastfeeding preparation
  • Provide practical skills to latch-on with good positions
  • Train infants to latch-on
  • How to wean off formula milk feeding to breastfeeding
  • Ways to maintain sufficient breastmilk supply
  • Assist to maintain a healthy weight gaining for the infant
  • Support mothers who had breast reduction surgery
  • Instruct different breastfeeding methods
  • Fix problems of breastfeeding, such as blocked duct and sored nipples
  • Provide one-stop service with specialists to handle breast problems during the breastfeeding period, such as Candidiasis and Mastitis
  • Assist and support working mothers who are breastfeeding
  • Provide advices and techniques to start solid and weaning

Benefits of breast milk for infants

  • Strengthen the immunity of infant, reduce the chances of having otitis media, meningitis, respiratory tract infections and diarrhea
  • Reduce allergy symptoms, such as eczema and asthma
  • Provide comprehensive nutrition for infants, enhance the development of thebrain, eyes, stomach etc.
  • Reduce the chance of suffering from obesity and diabetes in the future

Benefits of breastfeeding mothers

  • Help in the contraction of the uterus, reduce postpartum bleeding and anemia
  • Lower the chance of breast cancer and ovarian cancer
  • Help to reduce the weight gained due to pregnancy
  • Feeding can be done at any time; save time, money and more environmentally friendly
  • Ensure infant health, reduce the absenteeism working mothers

A proper breastfeeding is important to both infant and mother. Just acquire basic breastfeeding technique to make it a simple and relaxing task!