Food Intolerance Test

Food Intolerance Test

Chronic food allergies are around us

People intake many different kinds of food every day but never understand if they are really suitable for us. When we have these unsuitable foods over a long time, this will bring a variety of issues to body like abdominal distension, skin problem etc. This will also increase the gastrointestinal burden which deteriorates its function, affecting people at different age levels.

Food Intolerance ≠ Food Allergy

Food intolerance is an uncommon word for most of the people, and it is often mistaken as food allergy.
Hence, most of us are unaware of the fact: food intolerance are the main cause of our discomfort.
Food intolerance is more common than food allergy, and it is affecting 80% of the population.

Analyze which foods you are an intolerance to solve the sources of the following problems:

  • Difficult to digest
  • Often discomfort of body
  • Increasing of weight for no reason


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