Weight Loss Treatment

Weight Loss Treatment

Chinese medicine believes that the issue of obesity can be simply classified as three categories, including ‘pi xu tan shi’ type which indicates people who eat less but feel tried frequently; ‘qi zhi xue yu’ type that people may suffer from irritability and irregular menstruation; and ‘pi shen yang xu’ type which people may look swelling with violent chills.

Chinese medicine would treat different patients of issue of obesity with different treatment approaches, which is called as ‘bian zheng shi zhi’. Based on Chinese medicine theory, patients should rely mainly on the body type improvement, metabolic rate increase and steatolysis promotion to achieve the goal of reducing weight. Applying Chinese medicine and acupuncture, our therapies can gradually address obesity by improving their own body type.

Weight loss treatment – 1 month (suspend during menstrual period)

*The treatment may effectively reduce fat, edema, boost metabolism, detoxify and control blood pressure and sugar.

Acupuncture with consultation (6 times) + Chinese medicine (21 days)

Price: $ 5,150

*** Extra Free Offer: Dietitian service ***

(Original price: $7,300)

*Effects may vary with each individual.