Traditional Chinese Treatment

Traditional Chinese Treatment

Our registered professional Chinese practitioners have extensive experience in gynecology, targeting each patient’s body type for appropriate treatment.

Chinese Medicine Treatment

  • Chinese Medicine Granules
    Scientifically-developed concentrated Chinese Medicine granules with GMP certified quality, and approved by World Health Organization safety standards, safe and effective.
  • Chinese Herbs (brewed and prepared service)
    High-quality Chinese herbal medicine are carefully selected, prepared according to the national pharmacopoeia, and have not been sulfur treated to prevent mold. The herbal soup is then vacuum packed and labeled with independent barcode for identification, guarantee safe and reliable standard.

Chinese Physiotherapy

  • Acupuncture
    According to Chinese Meridian Theory, the human body surface is covered with acupuncture points (acupoints), which belong to a particular meridian channel that connects to specific organs. Acupuncture can clear blockages in the meridians, regulate internal organs, in addition to achieve medical treatment, it can also enhance immune system, so to preserve health and prevent illness.
    Menstrual disorder, menstrual pain, cold uterus (cold womb), disturbed sleep, endocrine disorders etc.


  • Scraping / Cupping
    Scraping (Gua Sha) is the use of traditional techniques to stimulate the meridians, so that partial of the epidermis is accumulated with blood, and then using cupping method to eliminate body waste and toxins, strengthen metabolism, thereby dispelling coldness, dredging the meridians and improving blood circulation.
    Menstrual disorder, menstrual pain, menopausal hot flashes etc.

  • Pricking Bloodletting Therapy
    Bloodletting acupuncture involves piercing a vein or small artery to let out a few drops of blood to achieve therapeutic results such as relieving toxicity, dredging the meridians, eliminating stasis to subdue swelling, increasing blood circulation etc.
    Menopause emotional instability, insomnia, vomiting during pregnancy, gynecological disease etc.