Men’s fitness genetic test

Men’s fitness genetic test

Let vitality from the inside out

Even though one can reflect success in your career, however, how can one express his charm and inner qualities?
A comprehensive body management can express your quality from inside to outside. Genetic testing can help you understand yourself better, and manage your body efficiently. With proper skin care and exercise program, you can strength your muscle and reduce your body fat efficiently.

The human genome is as complicated as a lock, and it requires a key to open. Men’s fitness genetic test can help you understand 6 major areas of your body, and improve your body management comprehensively.

The 6 major categories include:

  • Fat Index: Reducing fat adsorption
  • Physique And Health: Understanding your reproductive function
  • Food Preference: Improve your health
  • Exercise Efficiency: Understanding the association of exercise and weight loss
  • Balance Nutrition: Reduce health problem due to imbalance diet
  • Skin Care: Understanding the condition of your skin

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