Genetics Test

Genetics Test

Talent genetic test

Talent is an inborn gift. As the cornerstone to develop the individual’s fullest potential,

Beauty genetic test

Genetic testing not only used in the medical field now. This test helps you understand the advant

Hereditary Health Risk Assessment

Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Sperm and egg each carries 23 chromosome units. During ferti

Food Intolerance Test

Chronic food allergies are around us People intake many different kinds of food every day b

Men’s fitness genetic test

Let vitality from the inside out Even though one can reflect success in your career, howeve

Genes are hereditary factors which pass from parents to children. Gene is a piece of DNA , and its sequence contains hereditary information. There are thirty to forty thousands of genes in every human body while each determines one of the characteristics of us. That explains why DNA is unique and it is highly related to body function, body composition, physical and mental health. By instructing protein expression from its DNA sequence, gene controls most of the physical characteristic of a living individual. Hence, gene is highly related to human health, life habit or even environmental factors. Genetic test has become a crucial indicator for evaluating our health, talent, beauty as well as hereditary diseases.